One of the first signs of aging is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and while these imperfections can form due to environmental factors, some wrinkles are the result of muscles that have spent years being overworked through facial expressions.

As a result, many patients who come into Cosmetic Surgeons of Michigan, PC and consult with Dr. Goffas want to reduce these wrinkles, but may not require procedures as drastic as surgery. When surgery is not advisable, then BOTOX® injections can effectively combat the natural signs of aging in a minimally invasive manner.

What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is derived from the neurotoxin, botulinum toxin type A and purified to create a substance used to treat the appearance of wrinkles. BOTOX® works specifically on the imperfections that are caused by muscle exertion and limits the amount of movement these muscles can make. By injecting BOTOX® directly into the muscle, the wrinkles that are making you look older will begin to subside.

Is BOTOX® Right for You?

BOTOX® is an excellent option for patients who have facial wrinkles as a result of muscle contractions. These wrinkles would include:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines

Additionally, BOTOX® works well for those who don’t present severe cases of aging and who only expect subtle enhancement. Downtime is also a significant factor for those looking for facial rejuvenation, since BOTOX® doesn’t require any of the recovery time that surgery often does. It’s important to think about your cosmetic goals when deciding whether BOTOX® treatment is right for you.

Your Initial Consultation

Meeting with Dr. Goffas will help you decide whether BOTOX® can provide the results you are looking for. He will review your medical history and examine your skin to see whether your wrinkles are a result of muscle exertion and also discuss the necessary unit amount that will effectively reduce your wrinkles.

Your consultation is a time for you to ask any questions about BOTOX® so that you are better able to understand the procedure in its entirety. You can also view before & after images of previous BOTOX® treatments and decide whether you desire similar results.

Your BOTOX® Procedure

Receiving BOTOX® injections is minimally invasive and not at all time consuming, which is appealing to many patients; however, BOTOX® is not a procedure made up of simple injections. Rather, each injection is strategically placed to provide you with the best aesthetic result. Dr. Goffas will base your injections off of the specific muscles that are creating wrinkles, which he can determine during your consultation.

Small amounts of BOTOX® are injected into the face, which thereby begin to block the neurotransmitters from reaching the muscles and keep them from contracting. Preventing the neurotransmitters from communicating temporarily weakens the muscles and make them incapable of moving to a point where wrinkles are formed.

The amount of injections you receive depends on the severity and location of the wrinkles present in the skin. And since not all wrinkles come as a result of muscle contraction, Dr. Goffas may recommend that you combine your BOTOX® treatment with dermal fillers to address sunken features and volume loss in the face.

Your appointment will take no longer than 30 minutes to complete, and afterwards you can return immediately to your daily routine. Because BOTOX® injections are minimally invasive, your treatment can be performed right within Dr. Goffas’s office.

Your Recovery and Results

Within a few days of receiving BOTOX® injections, you should begin to notice a reduction in your facial wrinkles with full results appearing in two to three weeks. Side effects are minimal and only include bleeding at the injection site and slight swelling, all of which subside within a number of hours.

Because BOTOX® injections are temporary, you will need to come in for follow-up appointments in order to maintain your results. BOTOX® typically lasts for three to four months, at which point your muscles will resume their natural functioning and your wrinkles will return. Many patients, however, appreciate the temporary nature of BOTOX® because it gives them more control over their facial aesthetic. As you continue to receive BOTOX® injections, your muscles will become used to the treatment and naturally reduce their overexertion on their own.

If you are interested in BOTOX® and would like to find out more about whether treatment is right for you, contact Cosmetic Surgeons of Michigan, PC at 586-773-6900 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Goffas.